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After 18 years of experience working as an employee, I founded this company back in 1996. We had a very humble beginning, working out of the living room of my residence with my staff of two engineers and one AutoCAD operator. For most of the day, I used to move around on a two-wheeler, meeting people and trying to gather business. The evenings and weekends were spent handling the paperwork. But my never-say-die spirit kept me going.

I got breakthroughs with a couple of clients who had known me from my employee days and were willing to trust me personally for delivering their project needs in the field of control instrumentation & automation. Soon I had tied up with Rockwell Automation Inc. as their authorized systems integrator.

With a growing force in my arsenal, I kept seeking new challenges. From day one, I kept installing some basic virtues in my staff. Virtues that I wanted to inculcate into the foundation of the company I had dreamt of when I left my job to start it. Virtues such as the desire for perfection, a basic instinct to be creative and an everlasting belief in teamwork. Till date, everyone who works for SAI believes in them and follows them religiously and I believe this fact has played a major role in helping us achieve the success we have had over the years.

Since our inception, we have worked extensively in the field of Automation for Water & Waste Water segment all over India. We virtually landed ourselves with the nickname of "The water company". Such is the extent of our presence in India that any entity in this industry worth its salt will definitely have heard of our work. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, we have aimed at grabbing it with both hands. This has led to us executing some extremely challenging turnkey automation export jobs in countries like Oman and Suriname as well. Our work in both these locations has been worthy of the glowing recommendation letters that the respective clients have bestowed upon us.

We entered the power industry through supplying PLC systems for auxiliary processes in Power plants. "Plant Water Systems" was what we started with and now we have references with all major power companies/contractors in India such as National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL), L&T Power, GMR, Adani Power, Monnet group etc.

With an experience of an SCADA job for the 35MW solar PV-based power plant and recent successful commissioning of India's first 50MW solar thermal power plant on DCS system, we have our eyes firmly set on this segment as well.

We have had an extremely promising beginning in the Oil & Gas Sector due to landing of the LPG pipeline project Control System order for the Mangalore-Hassan-Bangalore Pipeline Ltd. (MHBPL), a job under Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) as well as the Control System order for Naharkatiya-Barauni Pipeline Ltd. (NBPL), a job under Oil India Ltd. (OIL).

As a company, we have always delivered on our promises, whether it was made to a valued supplier or a client or a contractor. That being said, one of our most important promises is the one we made to ourselves: that we'd be a strong Control & Automation partner for diverse industries such as Water, Oil & Gas, Power, Pharma & Food, Cement, Steel, Renewable Energy etc. That we'd provide both plant-wide and cross country SCADA solutions using various product brands such as Rockwell Automation, GE systems, SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi etc. That we'd not just stick to Automation and Instrumentation, but delve into the Communication as well as associated Low & High Voltage Electrical works required. That we'd spread our wings and fly onto new geographies such as the Middle-East, Africa & other Asia-pacific regions in the near future.

It's no surprise that I'm glad we're well on our way to keeping that promise.

Prakash Jambur
Chairman & Managing Director